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Supplying a broad assortment of Security Safes with BIS License for various Classifications like C Class, BB Class, A Class, AA Class used by Banks and Jewellers. As per the requirements of Banks our principle have developed all these categories of safes with BIS license to suit the specific needs of the Banks, Financial Companies, Jewellers etc.

The entire body of the Safes / Safety Lockers are made from thick steel plates with the latest steel bending techniques. The Safes / Safe Lockers, Security Safes are made of multiple bends with fully welded construction it forms a solid rivetless block. The inner lining of the Fire & Burglar Resistant Safes, Safety Lockers, Security Safes are made from thicker steel plate than the outer body for enhanced security for the Safe.

The door of the Safe Lockers / Safes are constructed out of thick and tough steel plates, reinforced with a drill & hammer resistant hardened steel plate. It meshes tightly to the body of the Safes / Safe Lockers, Security Safes when closed.

Locking Mechanism
The Locking Mechanism of the Safes / Safety Lockers are Operated by a pronged handle in front allowing fingers to fit in snugly and controlled by an eight lever dual control lock with evenly spaced shooting bolts to give a balanced pressure and ensure safety from dislodgement of the Safes / Safe Lockers, Security Safes.

Can be fitted with Underwriters Laboratories INC (USA) rated mechanical or electronic combination lock for the Safe Lockers, Security Safes. The combination locks are very well set which makes the Safes unpickable through hand manipulation. The chances of hitting the right combination are 1 in a million.

Automatic Self-Locking Device
The safes / Security Lockers are also protected by an automatic self-locking device, which gets activated if the lock is dislodged by explosives or comes under attack by any other means. Which means that the door of the Safety Lockers remains firmly shut and the valuables safe.

Fire & Burglar Resistant Safes are CBRI tested & BIS Certified for Class BB and CCC

Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications